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Speaking Opportunities

Rethink the Win founder Lea B. Olsen offers the following speeches, workshops, and presentations designed for corporate and college audiences:

1. Female athletes are amazing!

30-45 minute presentation for female athletes

Female athletes are amazing at every level! Lea B. Olsen will break down how our society and culture views sports and the female athlete. Female athletes will learn how to use their platform and the skills acquired in sports to catapult them to a lifetime of success. Athletes can win in every stage of life – they just need to learn how the game is played.

2. Great athletes, better people

1 hour-1 hour 30 minute workshop for female athletes

This empowering workshop not only covers how society treats female athletes, but how women can use sports to enhance their lives. Using Rethink the Win’s unique guidebook, athletes will develop concrete plans and take actionable steps towards their future goals. A roadmap to the future will help athletes achieve rewarding careers and lead successful lives.

3. Journey toward success

1 hour motivational speech

Lea B. Olsen shares her experience of overcoming poverty, a wildly unique family, and finding her way though sports. Her story is one of overcoming obstacles, following dreams and accepting that sometimes being different is what makes us special. Olsen’s captivating story will assuredly resonate with many and motivate audiences to consider how they too can Rethink the Wins in their own lives.

4. Reinvent yourself!

1 hour 30 minute personal development workshop

At some point in our lives, we all feel the need to do something out of our comfort zone and find the courage to reinvent ourselves. Reinventing yourself can feel scary, which often keeps people stuck. Lea B. Olsen shares her own story of starting over, helping the audience lay out their own plans and exposing the areas where many people quit on their dreams. Navigate the next chapter of your journey by Rethinking the Win in your life.

5. Finding the leaders among you

1 hour corporate leadership workshop

In sports, leadership comes in many different forms, and most teams need more than one type of leader to be successful. The same is true in the workplace, but we often fail to recognize and utilize those leaders effectively. Lea B. Olsen will use her 25 years of experience working in sports to help your organization find authentic leaders. Rethink leadership and find new ways to help your team win!


Bring Back the Fun

Athletes won’t remember the individual wins or losses, but they will always remember a coach who brought positive energy, the camaraderie of friends and mastering a skill.