New Rethink the Win and Fox Sports North Partnership

Rethink the Win has been brewing in my head for the last three years. I eventually moved the idea to paper and spent a year focusing on this mission. For one year I met weekly with a marketing specialist who kept me on task. I spent much of my time creating the content until I was finally ready to present my concept to the world.

When I brought the idea to Fox Sports North, I was honored that they would support me. They then helped me put together PSAs and proposed running the PSAs throughout their broadcasts. I have been a long time broadcaster for FSN, but this was a new venture for me. By backing Rethink the Win, FSN showed that they supported me, and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

On May 21, I headed out to Target Field and Target Center to shoot the PSAs. I knew all of the guys on the shoot, Jim, Ralph, and Pat, which made the day tons of fun. It was so exciting to see this vision come to life, and it was overall an amazing day.

My greatest hope with Rethink the Win is that we can get parents, coaches, and athletes to provide a positive experience for all people in sports. I’m hopeful that all types of athletes will get involved and share their own stories as well.

Starting Rethink the Win reminded me of when I started playing basketball at the University of Minnesota. I knew it was going to be difficult, but I also knew that the payoff would be so much bigger than the struggles. It reminded me that sometimes you just need someone to believe in what you are doing, and when they do, the sky is the limit!

Lea B.